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Gordon England
Hi all,  are there any books on Gordon England Austin 7 ?
He is mentioned within books but I am not aware of any specifically about him.

Limited information can be read here, you'll have to pick through it...: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Dear Morris Minor

Like you I think Gordon England was
a remarkable racer, engineer, marketeer, inventor
and businessman and since quite a few
In the Austin fraternity actually met him before
He died, there would be oral history to collect as well.

Perhaps a set of chapter headings could be suggested
And volunteers sought to research and write up each one?

I know some people have original material that came from
GE himself plus Motorsport and other period publications
Are now machine searchable.

I’m especially interested in his business life
which had its ups and downs, especially in America
at the time of the crash.

His factories produced at least 3000 cars/vans
so comparable to Lotus and TVR today?

I’ll try and put a set of chapter headings together
to tempt other anoraks!

Kind regards

Bill G
Aka AllAlloyCup !!!
Based near the Scottish Border, 
The association archive has made available a couple of recordings of interviews with the man himself.
[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
Thanks a lot Timothy Id forgotten about those
recordings which I’ve not listened to yet.

Kind regards

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Tom Abernethy had lunch with Gordon England and his wife in their flat in 1970. I have an email from him about this, but not sure what the ethics are of copying it onto the forum. I'll ask him if I can share it unless it has already been reproduced elsewhere.

I heard from another friend who had met him that GE visited the Ford plant in the US and told Henry Ford that if one of his workers died and went to hell they would think they were in heaven! It must have been a pretty tough place to work.
Hi Tom

I met Tom Abernethy over 50 years ago when I worked with his
brother Ronnie at the B&S Periscope factory in
Anniesland, when I was a member of the Morris Eight Tourer
Club and preferred hydraulic braking to cables!

Tom has some interesting material and has a
lovely photo of Gordon England sitting in
Tom’s newly restored Cup in 1968/9? At Beaulieu
I think it was.

I’ll drop Tom a line. It was Tom who inspired me to
restore old cars rather than just use them for daily transport.
In order of restorations,  M8 2-seater, Porsche 356, Steyr Puch Haflinger, MG
VA Saloon, MG VA DHC, TR3A and now 1925 GE Cup.

I wish I had kept them all! Only the TR3A plus the Austin now.

Perhaps an Ebook? Rather than a hardback?

Kind regards

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 

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