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Transferring a registration number to an A7
Hi John,

It's a very slow process indeed and in my view an exceedingly tortuous route to correct an honest clerical error that occurred under previous ownership in 1984. One of the things that really upsets me is that certain provable details are of no value whatsoever in the eyes of the DVLA, such as the fact that I have owned and used the car for the last 32 years. Likewise, the fact that it has been continuously taxed and insured.

As things now stand, the DVLA have revoked both my V5C and the age-related registration number that was allocated in 1984. They now expect me to apply their own 17-character chassis number to the car, by having it stamped on the chassis at an accredited garage, following which I have to pay £55 to have the car registered from scratch. With reference to the replacement chassis number, I have so far dug my heels in, insisting that there is no reason why the 6-digit number that has been on the car from manufacture cannot simply be used. This assertion has been backed up by an authentication letter the club's DVLA liaison officer and also by some old MoT certificates that correctly display the chassis number that's on the car. I am now awaiting the DVLA's decision on this, before they will then allocate a different age-related number.

As soon as the new age-related number is allocated, I will immediately transfer to the car a 1930s cherished number that I currently have on retention. In the meantime, it's unfortunate indeed that I cannot legally drive the car, as its status is effectively unregistered.

Incidentally, nothing ever came of the suspicion that my car's numbers were crossed over with those of another, nor did the DVLA apparently find anything to support this notion. Nevertheless, I suppose the details on my now-defunct V5C must match up with something, somewhere.

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