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Transferring a registration number to an A7
Two very unwelcome developments to report, following the receipt of two separate communications from the DVLA today. This follows a letter and some forms that I submitted to the DVLA immediately following the above post from four weeks ago.

The first communication deals with my request to put the existing registration number onto retention. Not only has my claim been rejected, the DLVA have also stated that my V5C has been destroyed "for security reasons". So, I now no longer have a V5C in my name for the vehicle, which I have owned for the last 33 years.

The other communication opens up with the words "The chassis number differs from the DVLA record and so the vehicle will have to be re-registered. From the information provided, it appears that your vehicle could be considered for registration within the reconstructed classic scheme". Not only that, but I have also been allocated a new VIN (i.e. chassis number) consisting of 7 alpha and 10 numeric characters and I am instructed to arrange for "a franchised dealer or local garage to stamp this number on the chassis or frame of the vehicle".

I'm afraid that all of this is now causing me very considerable worry.  Sad

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