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Transferring a registration number to an A7
(23-03-2019, 10:53 PM)andrew34ruby Wrote: Yes I had a similar experience. Don't worry about it. DVLA have no idea whether the vehicle has been built up from parts, and they have no idea whether you have modified the car. So, they are asking you! Simply tell them that nothing has been changed. In my case I explained that many parts had been dismantled, cleaned, painted, oiled and put back together again. Many new nuts and bolts used, but nothing modified and almost all original parts re-used. They didn't quibble.

Yes, that's exactly it. Been there, done that. The DVLA don't have 'standard' letters for every possible situation so they tend to send the nearest they think appropriate. What they're actually asking you is has your car been substantially modified. Your car hasn't so tell them that by filling in their form saying all the elements they ask about are original. 


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