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Transferring a registration number to an A7
(23-03-2019, 02:24 PM)Ian M Wrote: ..."Please use the enclosed reply slip and 'Built up vehicle report' (V627/1)"

"Please advise what changes have been made to the vehicle, including any modification to the chassis or bodyshell. You must send photos of the vehicle before the changes, if possible, and after the changes. At least one of the photos must show the vehicle's registration number, [please also send a photo of the chassis/VIN plate"

What the hell....?! Built up vehicle?! My Ruby is very substantially original and I cannot even begin to imagine what is being alluded to by the DVLA. There is very definitely only one area in which the car differs from its original specification, which is that the sliding sunroof has been replaced by a fixed panel in the long distant past, which is quite common in any case.

It's frustrating that I will now need to wait until Monday afternoon before I can phone the DVLA to discuss all of this. Anyone else had any similar experiences?

Yes I had a similar experience. Don't worry about it. DVLA have no idea whether the vehicle has been built up from parts, and they have no idea whether you have modified the car. So, they are asking you! Simply tell them that nothing has been changed. In my case I explained that many parts had been dismantled, cleaned, painted, oiled and put back together again. Many new nuts and bolts used, but nothing modified and almost all original parts re-used. They didn't quibble.

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