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Transferring a registration number to an A7
It has been a while since I started this thread and I now want to explain how all of this has unfolded in the meantime, coupled with an unwelcome development yesterday. Certainly spoiled my evening when I arrived home from work and opened the letter from the DVLA.

In early January, I completed the V317 form, which represents the application to keep a number on retention. To re-cap, my plan was to first remove the existing number from the Seven, which was originally an age-related one in any case, keep it on retention, and to subsequently apply a number that used to be on a Morris Eight I once owned. The DVLA responded promptly, stating that an inspection would be required because "the vehicle was manufactured/registered before 1963". I thought this a bit of an odd statement, but of course had no actual objection to an inspection, hence I set about getting the car ready. Good clean-up, new battery, fresh petrol etc, as it had been laid up for some time, but with tax and insurance maintained at all times. No MOT, although no reference at all has been made to this in any correspondence.

In mid February, an inspector came from the DVLA's agent SGS, to inspect the car. He explained that the DVLA do not provide his organisation with any explanation as to why any vehicle is to be inspected, but added that the majority of his inspections involve expensive vehicles that have been imported to the UK. He took a few pictures, asked a few questions, but gave no indication of any concerns and said that his report would be submitted to the DVLA 48 working hours later.

Fast forward to yesterday evening an there's a letter from the DVLA waiting for me, the theme of which was both unwelcome and unexpected. Some highlights from said letter:

"Having inspected your vehicle an anomaly has been found. Before we can consider your request, we require further information"

"Please use the enclosed reply slip and 'Built up vehicle report' (V627/1)"

"Please advise what changes have been made to the vehicle, including any modification to the chassis or bodyshell. You must send photos of the vehicle before the changes, if possible, and after the changes. At least one of the photos must show the vehicle's registration number, [please also send a photo of the chassis/VIN plate"

What the hell....?! Built up vehicle?! My Ruby is very substantially original and I cannot even begin to imagine what is being alluded to by the DVLA. There is very definitely only one area in which the car differs from its original specification, which is that the sliding sunroof has been replaced by a fixed panel in the long distant past, which is quite common in any case.

It's frustrating that I will now need to wait until Monday afternoon before I can phone the DVLA to discuss all of this. Anyone else had any similar experiences?

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