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Transferring a registration number to an A7
I'm seeking some guidance about a slightly unusual situation regarding a registration number transfer. A double transfer, in fact.

Some time ago, I owned a Morris 8 and sold it after a while in favour of something else. The new owner kept it for a few years, but when they eventually sold it, the car went abroad. In order to prevent the complete loss of the original registration upon export, the foreign buyer suggested that they retain the number. This they did and simply put the number onto their modern car.

Fast forward to just a few days ago and I have kindly been offered the opportunity to buy the number from them, as they are in the process of selling the (modern) car that's currently wearing it. This idea is very attractive to me, as I have a Ruby that has worn an age-related plate since being dragged out of a barn 35 years ago, and I naturally like the idea of giving it a number that has been in my possession in the past.

The seller has offered to arrange transfer directly to the Ruby, which is fine, except that I am concerned about the possibility of unnecessarily losing the present age-related number in the process. As it was issued such a long time ago, I don't think it has non-transferrable status, but I'm not sure if it's possible to tell from the V5C alone. The other concern is whether there are any conditions to removing the present number from the Ruby and putting it onto retention in my name. Of course, I've been reading up about this at the DVLA website, but I'm still not really clear about the whole thing. I remember that in the past it was necessary for a vehicle to have an MoT before the number can be removed. If so, that could be problematic, as the car is presently not roadworthy, although it is taxed and insured.

Has anyone else had recent experience of a scenario similar to the above? Many thanks.

Just to add to the above, this is the page at the DVLA website I am now studying. Another thing that's not clear is how I would tie the two transfers together. The DVLA website states that upon removing the number (from the Ruby), an alternative is allocated automatically, but of course I don't want that. The number originally from the Morris 8 is intended to take its place.

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