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Back country run NZ style
Hi Ian, nice! You guys are doing lots of good runs lately. 

Un-spoilt is what the tourism advertising would have you believe. It's not quite that rosy but still better than most other places. This give you another view of NZ around my local area (Wellington). Apologies if I posted it before?

I live in Miramar (was in Auckland but I escaped luckily) which is a peninsular. Sometimes I just drive around it as something to do. Is a very slow road, 40kph speed limit, but a nice drive.

This is in an MGB not an Austin 7 I am afraid but once the special is on the road I will be sure to be doing it again (over and over). I start from a friend's place and end up back home. And yes, you do go in one side of the airport and out the other at one point. Also the beach on the right just before going up the long hill is apparently where the local nudists like to go!


I am surprised that Brits find our speed limit slow. 100kph is slowish for motorways but it applies also to “single carriageways” which, at least until recently, were 60 mph in UK (lane each way, including the metal road in Ian’s photo! We do produce rally drivers!) 90 kph for towing and heavy vehicles. Legal limits have always been lowish; the difference is that rigidly enforced in the last 25 years with a vast improvement in road order and colossal reduction in the road toll. Many owe their lives to present conditions. All speeds are tedious in modern vehicles, although especially irksome is modernised stretches with 80 kph imposed because of former high crash rate. Curiously, driving 1950s/60s cars with 60 mph cruising is now far less harrowing than 30 years ago, when were hounded by leadfoots.
Metal roads were very extensive to the 1970s, including to popularly visited places such as Haast, and the kauri forest. In 2011 I found more such roads in Devon!
My recollection of Simon’s route extends from 1947 when from the back seat of our Seven, and just before the two keen cyclists climbing, I viewed the large passenger ship Wanganella stuck on the rocks. Amongst very earliest memories.
I also used to buzz around the coast part of route just for fun in the 1960s. The road was more winding with fewer speed bumps. No cyclists.
With many quite narrow streets and consequent moderate speeds a Seven was entirely practicable in Wellington.
Wellington has a very long roaded coastline. In the video the coast commences at left turn after the second barrier but can start a few miles earlier. The drive can continue other side of large bay in  last part around to the city. Then a few miles of waterside motorway to the north end of main harbour, and several more miles around the north end and part way south along the east side.
With 60 mph southerly straight from Antarctica and horizontal spray and rain the initial south coast scenes  can be very different! The distant safety fences are to stop breakers, not cars.
Northern hemisphere dwellers trying to follow, remember the reversed shadows! (near mid day, winter? Some travellers seem to not notice, but I find in the northern hemisphere have to constantly rethink direction.)
Some may notice the overhead wires. At least until recently Wellington stuck with trolley busses despite being many times the cost each of a versatile diesel.
I am looking forward to videos of some fast runs up many of the winding climbs when the special is running!
There are lots of good things happening here Simon, Auckland North is the place to be if you are serious about Seven's and can cope with the odd negative. Bit extreme moving all that way to escape, but at least you are safe for unwanted visitations in Welly! hahaha
Black Art Enthusiast 
I am hoping it's a total coincidence all this started happening after I left and not because of it! I want to get up to Southwards sometime to see what they've done to the body you guys made. I still find it ironic that I moved to join the film industry and then you guys got to bloody make a car for a film without me there!
Haha yes don't get a complex Simon, good things were happening whilst you were here too, you got to see and hear the Duck in anger at the Roycroft! Not sure that Southwards have got it quite right to be honest, but I doubt most people will notice or worry about it.
Black Art Enthusiast 
What's the gen on the 100th?
Well plans are still being made, but at very least there is talk about a run circumnavigating the South Island I will keep people posted as ideas develop, however if we were to have overseas contingent interested that could have an influence.
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I wonder how many days it would take me just to het to the South Island from the far north in the Austin ?
Bob & Ian - and for 2021 all over the North Island.
Bob - I can put you in touch with the main organiser, Richard, if need be :-)

Bryan - I'm picking either 2 looooong days or 3 comfortable ones :-)
On the first day God created the Austin 7, then he rested
100th in 2021 - what month are you planning for?

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