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Swallow and SWB Saloon braid remanufacture
Thanks to the contact suggested on another thread, Lorna Mountford showed me some Swallow braid which I realised was similar to some R Saloon braid I'd just been emailed, so this might be of interest to other Austin owners; they are doing a re-manufacture run and further cost savings are still possible if more people come forward!

.jpg   1929 Swallow braid.jpg (Size: 18.33 KB / Downloads: 116)
  People can get in touch via 
Cost estimates are dependent on length orders.  PRICES PER METER: 15m = £36 +VAT, reducing to £20+VAT for orders of 100m or more.  Swallows already have confirmed orders getting to a £27+VAT price 

(If you have a SWB with cloth trim - please send ME a pic - it might help solve current mysteries suggested by rafts of trim names in the ledgers...thanks Jon) 
I saw the samples of this last month and can confirm it looks really good.

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