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Speedex Website.
My most recent visit to the excellent Speedex website gave an indication that the present host is closing down.

Cheers, Tony.
Fear not Tony. I'm sure Dave will comment shortly but we have corresponded on this. He has a plan... 

On this subject, there are many really excellent model/special registrar caches of information, all seemingly hosted on seperate websites... As the eventual closure of the old Speedex site shows, this info is often universally appreciated. Is it possible and desirable to bring all of these together on the Association website? If the registrars could access to manage content this would give both continuity and a bit more longevity, also avoiding additional personal cost to those who are taking the time to make it available.

Yes, I've had a few mails, thanks, and it's satisfying to know others appreciate the content. The Tiscali based site is under threat of closure but seems to be hanging on after its execution date. To be honest it's been inaccessible and frozen from editing for quite a few years so the content is out of date in places. I've an updated version on the laptop and you may remember I did have a parallel site running a few years back but had a bad experience with the provider (probably mostly my own fault through innocence of how these things work) which took the shine off and other priorities took over my time.

I'm glad Nick thinks I've a plan, I'd call it more an aspiration to get it all up and running again! If only all the other stuff I'm doing was suddenly completed!

OK, thanks for the observation and support, I'll try harder and push it up the work list!

Send me an email / private message. I have some server space etc and am happy to host it for you.

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