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Family camping holiday touring France in an Austin Seven Summer 2018...
When you say “Trekkies” I was thinking of Star Trek as your your friend is the image of one of Captain Kirk from the star ship enterprise! Beam me up Scottie. Ken
(11-08-2018, 12:00 PM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: Trekkies, I’m afraid this is only up to day 4 of the trip, there is another 26 days still to write up!

[Image: iWKad22.jpg]

Just kidding, am looking forward to the rest!

I was just wondering about your small trailer and if the little wheels on it were rated for high speed/long distance travel? 

Of course the high speed part is probably not a problem behind a 7.

To boldly go...

You’ll have to wait and see if the trailer makes it Simon!
Gah, a two parter! I hate those!
From Megeve you have views towards Mont Blanc and the associated ranges, spectacular!


As a family we first visited in 1986 along with Jess Ince, Stella Wilson and the Hood family.  I visited the campsite and was amazed to see a large photo of us all on the wall of the owner's home!



We attempted to recreate the scene...


I was reminded of a story involving Jess whilst there.  She broke down inside the Mont Blanc Tunnel and, as we were ahead of her, was left in a pull-in for rescue.  We continued to the French entrance/exit and waited, for what seemed like an eternity, until all traffic stopped coming out.  Some 5 minutes later Jess' grey Box Saloon appeared being pushed by a Renault 5!  The traffic behind gave the effect of a champagne cork being popped!  

We explored the Alpine meadows and ate well, enjoying the rest from seemingly relentless driving the previous week.



After three days we said our goodbyes and drove a short distance back down the valley to a small hamlet near Faverge.  We were to stay with friends we had met first when they stumbled upon the Scottish Austin Seven Rally 4 years ago in their camper van, mistakenly thinking it was a Campsite!  After a discussion we persuaded them to stay, travel with Tony betts on the road run the next day and enjoy the Ceilidh - we have been firm friends ever since!

Very adventurous Ruairidh - and great pics!

(12-08-2018, 11:01 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: To boldly go...

  To go boldly... Big Grin
Those who know my father might suggest I am going baldly!
From near Faverges we were able to travel back into Annec,y which is beautiful but busy.  To my horror our friends turned into the most central car park which indicated it it was "full", I had no choice but to follow them and wait in the queue (something I normally avoid like the the plague!).  To my astonishment the queue moved quickly and we were soon parked, 3 floors below the normal road level.  I am normally quite nervous about leaving the car (and our belongings) in the middle of a large town but it turned out to be fine and we were able to enjoy the sights and the girls got to swim in the lac!



It was our 14th wedding anniversary that day and we celebrated at night with barbecued magret and green (genepi infused) beer!

The next day was glorious so we drove upwards, climbing the winding road to Sambuy where we were then able to take an open cable car to the summit.  Tanya and I clung to the girls as we looked down some 20m between the completely open seating arrangement - the girls took it in their stride but we were both terrified!


Our 'bravery' afforded views of the Lac from the previous day, it's vivid colour clear from above.


Sandra's brother invited us to visit his fire station and we were given the full VIP tour which included the hoses - we all enjoyed our go!



A final meal of Raclette completed our Savoie experience and we headed to bed knowing that we had two long days of driving ahead before reaching our next destination.
Isn't she a little short for a Stormtrooper....... ??

Looks like a fantastic day in another beautiful part of France - the stuff memories are made of


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