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Family camping holiday touring France in an Austin Seven Summer 2018...
(08-08-2018, 10:34 AM)Nick Salmon Wrote: All fascinating stuff Ruairidh, thanks for posting.

Could you please say a bit more about that 6v-12v lighting setup and show a picture?

I will open a separate thread, remind me if this does not happen Nick.
Well done that man! I'm so impressed by the use of every nook and cranny, and in particular, the instruments. I never travel without a ukulele and would leave a spare something out to ensure it had room. I hope you left space for the odd case of wine on the return ....
(08-08-2018, 10:36 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: I drove the Stelvio with standard ratio box and axle Chris.

The combination I have now has revolutionised my touring capabilities.

Sorry to labour the point (I warned you, it's an obsession), but back axle for a Pearl would be 5.25 I suppose, thus 7% lower final drive ratio compared with my Ulster rep.
i.e. bound to do better on steep climbs.

I imagine the CR box + sports axle is a dream on the open road, and probably stonks up hills if you have a clear run.
Once baulked though I'd have thought you'd struggle to hang onto 2nd on the steep stuff, it is pretty high compared with the standard set-up?
I can only report what I have experienced Chris - it is a dream to tour with.
Several people have driven my car and have noted that it has considerable low down torque - perhaps that is the key to making it work, rather than high revving power?
(08-08-2018, 10:48 AM)Duncan Grimmond Wrote: I hope you left space for the odd case of wine on the return ....

I wish Duncan, I wish!
There is always space for the odd case of wine.
Alan Fairless
I brought back one bottle of wine, that Reckless Rat gave me, 2 litres of Ricard and a bottle of Pineau - we were then at maximum capacity! Big Grin
1: Journey starts...

We live in Glasgow, a long way from any Ferry terminal so, as with our most recent previous journeys, we chose to trailer the Pearl behind my modern, with the camping trailer stowed on top of the roof, and pulled it all to Dover.


The girls finished school for the summer at 1pm and we were gone by 2pm.  10 hours later I parked the car in my parents' drive near Bristol for a few days, then on to my brother in law's in Hampshire and finally to Robert's in Kent. Here we off-loaded the Pearl, hitched up the camping trailer and early the next morning (guided by Robert, who looked after my modern car and transporter trailer whilst we were away, thank you!) made our way to the Dover Ferry Terminal, we arrived in time to catch an earlier ferry.  


The organisation at both ports was very efficient and just two hours later we were making our way through central Calais and south - as far south as we could get that day before 5pm.

The car was still not really run in but pulled well and soon, around about 4pm we found ourselves nearing Amiens and a Camp Ground we had used in 2013 - so we pulled in a struck camp.  After a meal cooked on the stove we retreated to the hall on site a read a few of the books they had put out for campers.  


The next day we woke early and, with all the girls now responsible for packing up their one air mat, pillow and sleeping bag (a first for us as previously they had been too young), we soon found ourselves on the road and away before 8am.  The car ran well in the damp air - the scenery in this part of France is pretty featureless and flat, good for getting miles under our belt however and by lunchtime we had passed Chateau Thierry.  A further push, after food and fuel, meant that we skirted Troyes by 5pm and headed for a site with a pool that we knew in Brienne Le Chateau.  If was very humid and whilst the girls enjoyed a cooling swim I enjoyed an ice cold beer.  The bar on the site sold only beer and Champagne - fiercely proud of the local produce.  

After dinner there was a torrential downpour and I quickly erected the tarp (our tent is so small it does not have an awning) so that we had some shelter to sit under.  Next door Citroen Traction Avant owners waved from their caravan!!


In the morning it was still rather wet and we had to pack everything away damp!


We were now heading into our third long day of Travel, stopping once for refuel and once for lunch, I hoped to reach Megeve, in the Alps, by the next evening.  This was the part of the journey I knew would be hard endurance for us, and the car.  The girls sang in the back, knitted outfits for their teddy bears and read.


Another ten hour day of driving though the minor roads found us near Charolles where we came upon a very nice Municipal site.  A small supermarket next door provided food for our dinner.  We were starting to see a change in scenery and I knew the hills would begin the next day.  With 220 miles still to cover, I shoved in my earplugs and went to sleep!

No room on that trailer? I think I'd have used a wine bottle diameter as the height gauge for the false floor I for 6 bottles of something once you'd left your gifts behind?
The main thing is that you had a good time.

As an aside, I've just finished reading Coleman's Drive. It was sent to me on the understanding that I would pass it on to another so if you (or anyone else) would like it on the same understanding, send me a PM and I'll post it.

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