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Family camping holiday touring France in an Austin Seven Summer 2018...
The first brand new car my parents ever bought was a 1986 Citroen 2CV - we had it until around 2001 and I last heard of it in Caithness of all places (my paternal grandmother’s childhood home). I replaced the Chassis over a weekend when the original rotted out.

We loved that car and, most unusually, my sister was happy to travel in it!

My wife regrets selling it very much.
If you need another one, Ruairidh, I can oblige.....


2CV must be the easiest car there is to do a chassis change. The engineering on them is excellent. Unconventional, simple and effective. Same concept as the A7
I've had 3 2CVs and and Ami 8. Great cars.
I think there was only 12 or so bolts - certainly not a lot more, genius.
Though much maligned by the ill- informed, the 2CV remains one of the finest pieces of engineering design ever put into mass production.
I have owned two 2CV vans and whilst I can appreciate the engineering and simplicity, after 10 years of ownership including engine rebuilds and chassis replacement I upgraded to a 1995 C15 diesel van after getting fed up with continually having to fettle them. The 2CV and the Acadiane were very basic and took being crap to an entirely new dimension. The C15 even though its now obsolete and superceded by several models of the Berlingo was light years ahead of the 2CV in terms of its performance, durability and usefulness as a van. Im sure the C15 will become a classic and I'm certainly not going to part with mine.
Great trip and a great read Ruairidh. The sort of adventure that your girls will talk about for years, or so I imagine.
Simon asked about the spares I carry, here we go....

In the boot I have a wheel, pop up shelter for children if necessary (the temps got up to 39c), a potable axle support, hub lock, gear stick, halfshaft and two disposable overalls.


Under the driver's seat...



all the above is kept in a grab pot - which is very handy for quick adjustments...



This is kept in the driver's door pocket...


Under the little rubber cover between the seats are these...

Warning triangle was strapped to the tow hook of the trailer...


The two corner spaces behind the rear seat stored, tubes, foot pump, jack, oil can wd40 and tow rope (also back axle oil that I forgot to photograph)...


Whilst these instruments were placed into the special slot I made behind the seat...


I store all of the following in the tool box under the bonnet (top photo is everything and following photos show contents)...








I have one more set of photos for the stuff under passenger seat and fake floor, will post this later.

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