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DVLA and Modified Cars
Well that seems easy enough, and is what I was thinking of doing, change of engine first then go for the body change but it looks as if the less they are told the less they want to know, the only problem I can see is that the V5 will still state saloon, but I would bet there are quite a few specials out there in the same boat!
(23-06-2018, 11:17 AM)Phil Kingdom Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

This car is now registered as a "Triumph Swordfish" as with any DVLA rebody, the car keeps it's original manufacturer's name but cannot use the original or any copyrighted model name.

This image came from another internet forum I'm a member of, and this photo is a tribute to Paul L's (who built this modern special) imagination and workmanship
Hi Phil. I am a new member and new to this so my apologies if I seem ignorant. I have been left a brand new ex-factory 1932 A7 long chassis together with brand new front and back axles. I am looking at buying an ulster style body kit and having fun, doing all the work to put it on the road. There is no chassis number and no documentation at all. Looking at all the on-line comments is it worth doing, will the DVLA reject it all. Is there some up-to-date advice I can follow. Obviously I don't want to spend many thousands and not be able to enjoy the car. Cheers Ed
Hi Ed, As you can see from previous postings and on this thread it seems to be a matter of luck as much as any thing with specials, some have sailed though and some genuine rebuilt cars have been rejected and given age related registrations even when every thing is correct. Stuarts comments on the Triumph special show what the DVLA might want you to do, but strangely enough the Triumph Spitfire/ Herald cars do not have a number stamped on the chassis, only a riveted plate on the bulkhead. In my opinion I would not contemplate building a special without a V5C as a starting point,even with one things can be tricky. The DVLA website has information on kit cars and modified vehicles and is worth having a look at.
I would suggest that unless you can prove that the "New" 1932 chassis was actually assembled at that date, then you are legally in no better position than the owner of an Argentinian "Historic" Bugatti - which is where this DVLA  witch-hunt began.

In deepest Norfolk
If the car has no existing identity, then I would think it would be subject to IVA. Others may have experience of whether it's possible to pass that with an Ulster style car. It's not straightforward with a modern kit build.
Buy a wreck of anA7 Special or an unfinished project with the rightV5


Based near the Scottish Border, 
(11-02-2019, 06:51 AM) Wrote: I have been left a brand new ex-factory 1932 A7 long chassis together with brand new front and back axles. 
If you really have no chassis stamps and they are factory fresh, then it may be worth promoting and documenting these items if they aren't known to the rest of the A7 world, perhaps via decent photos on the archive site... particularly if there is some history as to where they emerged from. And yes, they may be of more use to someone with a registered 1932 to restore so that you can spend the money elsewhere, as suggested in other posts. It would seem a pity to split the items if they have a history together.
I've restored a 2 seated sports trials body on a ruby 1938 base and have logbook that says ruby sports as body type in it . The car body and engine and gearbox had been outside in all weather and was beyond repair , so fitted reliant engine and box ? Some of you will not like that but the cost of an other Austin engine is outside my pocket money?!
When I got engine number change in logbook I rang dvla and was told they just wanted engine number and cc not make of engine ?
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
Now I read that, Mr. Spannerman, I think I know who you are. If I'm correct, you passed me in the car this morning just top side of the level crossing.

Steve Smile

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