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Easter Run
I might be able to help you Bryan, give me a call.
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(10-06-2018, 09:31 AM)Colin Wilks Wrote: Is the castellated nut and split pin part of the problem? If there were no split pin (as I think Bob Culver has recommended) nipping up the nut periodically would be an easier and more obvious thing to do as part of regular maintenance.

A question for the experts: If the taper is lapped in with fine paste and the nut tightened to approx 150 lbs/ft, is failure over time still inevitable, or are these failures due to incorrect assembly in the first place?

My view of such an axle situation is to take the plunge and replace the shafts which have been incorrectly fitted. 
The crown wheel and pinion set has "had it" and needs replacement.
Bearings (good quality only) and hub outers, lip seals for the diff are a good idea. 
Main thing is to get someone who knows how to set it up, or all is wasted !
All the parts are available from David Cochrane.
Done like this it should never need attention for a massive milage of normal motoring.
As to tightening axle nuts, if they fit the hubs properly once tight, that's it they are tight.

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