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Clutch Question
I know how to convert a later (forward starter) flywheel into an earlier (rearward starter) flywheel but can the later clutch cover (no ring gear) be converted into an earlier clutch cover (with ring gear) by shrinking on an appropriate ring gear? I've never considered it before and I haven't got the full set of parts available to compare and measure without removing an engine from a car. I 'think' it might be possible as long as the later clutch cover was, or could be turned to, the required diameter but am I missing something?

Not sure. Of course you’d have the same problem with the mounting bolt holes that you do with the early clutch cover and sitting in front of the log burner I’m aware that the spigot arrangement is different but can’t quite remember which way. If nobody comes up with an answer I’ll have a look tomorrow- I should have all the bits somewhere.
Alan Fairless
Thanks, Alan. Looking at the bits I do have, yes, it will all be a bit tight in respect of the mounting bolt holes but, as you say, that's the same as with the early covers.

I've also emailed Jamie at Seven Workshop asking if he can let me know the I/D of the shrink on ring gears he lists for the early covers.

I’ve just done one. 9 inches rings a bell
Alan Fairless
The flywheel or cover you turn down to 9.010" then with the 3spd ring when fitted you have to mill out the bolt holes. Terry.
Both replacement starter ring gears have the same ID.
(25-10-2020, 07:27 PM)Terrytuned Wrote: The flywheel or cover you turn down to 9.010" then with the 3spd ring when fitted you have to mill out the bolt holes. Terry.

I always thought that shrinking the ring gear on then cutting out pieces for the bolts sort of defeated the shrinking fit - but it seems to work Huh
The shink fit is certainly mighty strong.
I machined the teeth off a late flywheel not knowing that it had a shrunk on gear (no evidence of a joint). It was only when it split where thinned at a balancing drill hole and sprang off in service that it became apparent.

Loctite and not a shrink fit?

Daren't risk loctite Steve? It's a wonder solution.(According to loctite blurb) 
Having looked at parts, the biggest issue is that the cover plate spigots into the flywheel differently on the two types. The attention of a decent machinist would be needed. Other than that don’t see why not. And why would you use loctite (posh word for glue) when you can do an interference fit?
Alan Fairless

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