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crankcase front cover (nosepiece) changes
I DO have the book of production changes and I HAVE looked at the index cards, but I'm scratching my head trying to resolve the differences in the nose piece... as a result of trying to match a starter shaft, a front bush, and nosepiece all of which are separate items to me.

The variables are:

nosepiece 1A 264 is 6.5" high
my starter shaft is 7 1/8"
My front bush has a coarse thread which doesnt match that of the nosepiece which is far more fine. The fact that the nosepiece has a thread suggests it thus had a bush...

Hedd has indicated on FB that there were two, one of which doesn't have a front bush. I was assuming the differences were just the 3/4" shaft length difference or so when the engines adopted the longer 4 speed gearbox. The index card shows Hedd is correct and its a little more complicated. But what caused the differences, and what is the simple story to what happen to the items through the course of production?
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crankcase front cover (nosepiece) changes - by JonE - 30-06-2020, 05:58 PM

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