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I know this subject has been discussed a few times previously, but probably ripe for another airing...
My engine has a new block from Tony which was fitted a couple of years ago with only minimal cleaning up of the ports which are therefore fairly rough and probably not very efficient. I’d like to improve it as much as is worthwhile for a for a fast road engine.
Firstly I don’t really want to take the engine out if I can avoid it, is it feasible to work on the ports in situ? Access is obviously not as good as having it up on a bench, but I think I can cope with that if I maybe take the front NS wing off. The other issue is stopping crud from going down into the valve chest and bores – these could probably be masked off and the valve guides plugged. Has anyone done this or is it daft? At least I wouldn’t need to clamp the block down!
The other question is how far to go, is it worth adding epoxy putty to the bottom corner on a road engine with a single carburettor, or better to stick to just smoothing out the inside radius and lumpy bits?

At the moment I can get up to about 38mph in 1st gear at the bridge at Prescott, which is about 5300rpm, it would be nice to squeeze a few more MPH out of it, but it is probably also limited by various other factors such as cam and carburettor which I don't want to fiddle with.

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