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The nut does not have to be absurdly tight (the end of the axle is remarkably thin. The old style F adjustable spanners are very useful for this and many household plumbing jobs. Open wide, fit in where a Crescent type will not, and Crescent type were/are expensive. Every old man’s workshop and swapmeet has. Usually strained but can coax the jaws back to parallel with a hammer and file. Not so precious that cannot be tightend with a few gentle hammer blows.

Diabolical though they may be, pipe wrenches have their uses. I have encountered garage maintained cars with drain plugs completely rounded off; a pipe wrench can avoid laborious filing of  new flats.

There are several nuts on Sevens large for the typical old time owners tool kit. Many have attracted attentionn using a blunt (or not) punch

For the rest of the original question rear hubs,  rear axles, tapers, sealed bearings, substitute seals, all been extensively covered and Search should produce. The direction of the cam cotters influences lever angle.

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