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It doesn't seem to be giving consistent answers...

Thanks Colin, that seems clear.
Best bet is not to drive there,problem solved.
Agree Austin - the trub is I see these zones slowly expanding.
'ULEZ' itself is planned to be several times its current size within 2 years.
Its been on the news at lunch time.Just another crafty tax grab by TfL.
What's happened to the freedom to come and go as you please ?
It did say it would hit 40,000 drivers a day !
When the area increases to cover most of London as planned in a couple of years, it will affect a lot more than that - about 40% of current vehicles don't comply? But the stated plan is to get air pollution in London to within legal targets by 2025. It is surprising to me how recent petrol and especially diesel cars have to be to meet the set standards. And other cities must be watching with interest...

What worries me is that if I get a newer car which is compliant what is to stop them changing the rules in the future to demand that you should have a vehicle compliant with some future standard.
Would be good business for the car industry!
Plus servicing moderns is a lot harder than A7’s
"Good business for the car industry" - sure is!
Good vehicles going in for scrappage,For someone to buy a new South Korean / Romanian one.
I think we should all go out and buy "Zero emission" cars,Ha Ha Ha.
Given time you will be forced to buy electric - or at least that's today's thinking.

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