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fettling DK4A weights and toggles?
Having an otherwise decent unit on which the advance weights weren't advancing, I've started trying to fettle it to get it back into use. I just wondered how sensitive other people have found the toggles and weights to restoration? 
I've used liquid metal epoxy to fix the spring holders back tight into the weights and all other parts of the two weights seem fine. Likewise, the toggles seem to fit the posts ok, but perhaps the holes aren't quite as parallel-sided as they once were. 

Have people successfully tinkered weights and toggles back to successful continued life, or did you find that new items were the only way in the end? I do have some new springs of various weights to try... but my gut feel is that the toggles might be critical to replace afresh.
just in case anyone else is fiddling, you might be interested to know that the cam actuator seems to me to be far more important that the toggles. As soon as I replaced it with a less worn one, all started moving again. But the "worn" (sic) weights potentially have movement at the spring connection AND their position on the baseplate.

I've just spend two days getting a dead DK4 working again and THE most important bit of information was earthing of the points through a hidden connection within the baseplate to the lefthand baseplate connection to the distributor. I found the info in the small print on one of the Cornwall club site (thanks!).

I had used a non-metal washer to enable the points to be set easily, and of course it completely removed any earth....

I now know. This may help others!
I'm slightly behind you on this Jon but will be having a go at mine as soon as I can find some energy! Will keep you posted.

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