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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
What I did yesterday was the Clee Hills Trial in Ecurie 2CV, all three of which finished a little battered but unbowed and triumphant. There were many Sevens, but in different classes to those of us in Class Zero, so we never really saw them in the daylight. The best I can do is a barely focused snap of Andy Fox about to spring forth unto the hills of Shropshire, which he must have done with considerable prowess, speed  and skill, because we never saw him again!
Can't seem to quote your post Chris.
It used to be 3 cars in the greenhouse. Jaws the trials car nearly got named "the greenhouse special" because that was where it was built.
2 sevens and a GN Ford special.
I miss that greenhouse !
We  started at 9.30 and finished the last hill at 3 o'clock .Excellent days motorsport in brilliant sunshine with icy roads.
I have posted video on facebook of Clare Renshaw in the Chummy taking on the Slab.
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The Borders Vintage Automobile Club had on outing yesterday. A drive around Thr Borders followed by a Burns Lunch at Lauderdale hotel.
A good outing in excellent weather.
Very good to see Dick & Anne's Open Road Tourer on its 1st outing with the club.


With reference to cars in the greenhouse - when my parents bought their house in 1968 the previous owners had run it as a sort of market garden. Four enormous glasshouses remained from this and at one point contained over 50 Austin Sevens until a huge storm in the mid 1970s blew some of them down (damaging only one car - a special). The bases of these were then used to build several large outbuildings which now contain the BA7C spares and my father's collections.

    I've finally repaired and tested two carburettors, a 22FZ and 22FZB, so I've no doubt the owner will be pleased to see them back, they've been on my to do list for some months.
hi Dave
The choke mechanism is a joy to behold.. do not need to spend an hour on the ihternet and pages of download to figure how it works. i guess the larger stones are ejected during the occasional cough back.
In this country in 1925 700 of 46,000 miles of road were sealed. And all cars had updraught carbs without air cleaners. Even by 1929 the sealed surfaces had little more than doubled. Little wonder all older cars have been rebored.
It is comical how wary many modern drivers are of unsealed roads. (Altho in a modern with an acre of windscreen I also get nervous)
    That problem was addressed a few years ago Bob, the filter needs cleaning monthly during dry summers. Oh and the choke mechanism might be a joy to behold  but being side hinged can't be used once the engine fires which means the first quarter of a mile in cold weather is somewhat difficult. The original choke is disabled to fit the filter and the adaptor pipe contains a more user friendly centre hinged choke.
Here in NZ almost all of our cars came with export versions of the FZ carb, they already have a centre choke and filter very similar to Daves modification.
Black Art Enthusiast 
Over the last couple of days I've been playing with my dynamo. I rebuilt the dynamo months ago, having dismantled it 29 years ago! I used my best armature and fitted new higher resistance field coils and 2 new brushes, third brush removed.. Intention is to get an electronic regulator and run at 12volts, but I wanted to ensure the dynamo worked first.

Using 3 rectifier diodes out of a 1980s Lucas alternator I wired these to perform as a cutout. Next, powered up the field coils with engine running... increased revs... and yes it was charging! Over 12 amps and over 16 volts, so in danger of melting the armature.

Next I powered the field through a headlight bulb to reduce the current through the field windings. This was better but still too high.

Today I took away the headlight bulb and used a 12v 21 watt stoplight bulb. Yeah it charges about 6 amps. With a switch to turn this on and off, it will do for now as the rebuild continues. All good fun.

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