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Dixi Picnic. - Robert Foreman - 10-01-2022

Another lovely period photograph to take the chill off these wintry days. 


RE: Dixi Picnic. - Duncan Grimmond - 10-01-2022

Made me smile!

RE: Dixi Picnic. - Mike Costigan - 10-01-2022

Another lovely find, Robert.

RE: Dixi Picnic. - Bob Culver - 10-01-2022

Do they still make blokes that thin? In wartime photos even Americans are slender. A young local VAR member of modern physique is troubled by list with his Seven.

RE: Dixi Picnic. - Peter Naulls - 10-01-2022

Where do you get them all Robert?

RE: Dixi Picnic. - Robert Foreman - 10-01-2022

Diligent searching in various places.