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Draught Excluder - phillips - 09-01-2022

Hi all I am looking for some information please. I am doing work on out MK2 Ruby floor, and it looks like in the distance past that someone has welded the floor on to the sill “return/lip”. Looking at the lip there are a few small drilled holes present, and I was wondering if the draught excluder was meant too run between the sill lip and the floor. At the moment the draught excluder on our Ruby runs up the A post across the roof line then down the B post, is there meant to be a small gap between the sill lip and the floor? If so is the draught excluder held in place by the bifurcated rivets. Hope you   can understand my meanderings, and it would help if I could see a photo.  Thanks. S&P

RE: Draught Excluder - Jason Franzone - 10-01-2022


Have a look at this thread:

RE: Draught Excluder - phillips - 10-01-2022

Hi Jason, and thanks for the info. S&P