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Herbert's first car - Archivist - 05-01-2022

Does anyone have, or know where I could source, a nice sharp image of this photo please? I realise that I could purchase this very image, but I have considerable expenses coming up for the Archive and I'm trying to be as frugal as I can..




RE: Herbert's first car - Mike Costigan - 05-01-2022

Perhaps Jim Stringer or the VAR's Archivist?

The best I can offer is a low res scan of this illustration:

.jpg   1906 first Austin.jpg (Size: 169.63 KB / Downloads: 322)

or Robert Johnston's watercolour version used in the 1955 Golden Jubilee book:


RE: Herbert's first car - Bob Culver - 05-01-2022

Did they leave out the oil baffles? Presume had fixed heads so not a water leak. (With no specifically designed oil rings many Edwardian cars originally produced smoke screens.)

RE: Herbert's first car - Colin Morgan - 05-01-2022

Not sure how sharp the original would be as it is a close-up of part of the original picture, taken from further away?

This one is a bit clearer...

Below is just the car...

RE: Herbert's first car - Archivist - 05-01-2022

Hmmmm... I wonder where that watercolour is....

Thanks Colin and Mike. I will follow up with the VAR suggestion and will be in touch with you Colin by PM in the next couple of days..


RE: Herbert's first car - Mike Costigan - 05-01-2022

The watercolour was sold by Bonhams in 2015 for £625.

RE: Herbert's first car - Erich - 08-01-2022

I notice the front axle is dropped, perhaps anticipating the later sporting Austins. ;-)

Erich in Mukilteo