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Wild West - Robert Foreman - 25-02-2021

[attachment=13130]Another gem, an early saloon especially for Parazine's hard work on his own car. 
The stern gentleman looks like he has returned from the Wild West. No doubt the milliners amongst us can tell us the make and model?

RE: Wild West - bobthompson - 25-02-2021

Never mind that hat, what about the low-chassis pram in the background?
What are the tyres fitted as well, unusual tread pattern? On the car, not the pram!

RE: Wild West - Tony Betts - 25-02-2021

the car looks bigger than normal?.

or is that just because its in america Big Grin

fantastic pic robert.

the stern guy makes it.


RE: Wild West - squeak - 26-02-2021

Lady with heels is caught trying to knock apples from the tree behind with the long stick, Stern groundsman driving by in the estate Top Hat catches her at it, confiscates the stick and lets her off with a warning. Offender scurries away with a load.  Baby buried under the apples would be 95 today if he/she survives.

RE: Wild West - Tony Press - 26-02-2021

Love it !  Big Grin

RE: Wild West - Mick Hanna - 26-02-2021


I think it might have been my father in the pram, although how he was photographed in America is beyond me.

RE: Wild West - Parazine - 26-02-2021

Super pic Robert, thanks!

RE: Wild West - Malcolm Parker - 26-02-2021

Surely you know who your father was, Mick?
I am puzzled by the depth of the pram.  Did it have a mattress that was about two foot deep or was there a false floor beneath which you stored whatever.
I know now what the Lidl shopping trolley was based on.
If there was a caption for the stern man by the Chummy, it would surely be 'What are you looking at?'

RE: Wild West - Mick Hobday - 26-02-2021

Those deep prams had a removable hatch in the floor to access a useful storage compartment. Useful when out apple scromping!

RE: Wild West - austin - 26-02-2021

Stern man must be very short, standing on a bank! Even with his hat on he can't be much taller than the car.

Maybe that's why he looks so upset?