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Sweet dreams - Tony Griffiths - 23-02-2021

Anybody else do this?

RE: Sweet dreams - Jacob Fowkes - 23-02-2021

I’ve always liked that one , I always list everything and tick when it’s bren torqued this prevent the 3am hmm did I tighten X .

RE: Sweet dreams - John Mason - 23-02-2021

The nightmare of the engine builder. Since being striped down have I lost any pieces.

John Mason.

RE: Sweet dreams - David.H - 23-02-2021

Jowett? Beetle?
If having nightmares possibly a Javelin!

RE: Sweet dreams - Duncan Grimmond - 23-02-2021

It's from "How to keep your Volkswagen alive" , my bible in the 1970's. I think it's a Gilbert Sheldon, he of" Fat Freddy's Cat" and the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" fame. (Giving away my chequered past here)

RE: Sweet dreams - Ivor Hawkins - 23-02-2021

Remember it well, I still have the original proof copy here from the days I worked for the publisher, Speed and Sports, I think we were all “relaxed” quite a lot in those

RE: Sweet dreams - Steve kay - 23-02-2021

I think I’ll pretend I have no idea what any of this means, or maybe have forgotten what it did mean. Those smells, the Castrol R, the patchouli oil......

RE: Sweet dreams - 39Jet - 24-02-2021

I remember the bed-end as being different.

RE: Sweet dreams - Graham Barker - 24-02-2021

Next time I see an immaculate Austin Seven engine I will wonder how many lost hours of sleep were lost in bringing it to completion. I thought that I was the only one with this problem.

RE: Sweet dreams - Bob Culver - 24-02-2021

Because of the similarity I used that cartoon in a Jowett mag eons ago. I cannot remember the caption. Possibly a missing piston in a commode under the bed and the guy worrying where he left it...... Over 120,000 miles I had my Javelin engine in that state at least three times and partly dismantled a myriad more. In the innocence of youth I completely dismantled the engine and gearbox when first acquired. I thought , as with Seven, any incipient faults would be apparent. I did not then know how many were, unlike the Seven, due inadequate design and not apprent to the uninitiated. Work was 360 miles away and leave running out so there were things to worry about at night.