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Gear box oil leak - John Mason - 20-12-2017

Hi all,I own a 1935 Ruby and for years have driven and maintained it myself. Unfortunatley due to poor eyesight I can now only ride as a passenger. My son does the repairs and servicing with me helping out as much as I can with limited sight. I have average knowledge on sevens but good knowledge on petrol engined vehicles.
My question is I have a large pool of clean looking oil on the garage floor under the gearbox I assume it's from the gearbox because of its clean colour and not from the engine which would be black in colour. I have also ruled out the steering box as leaking. Having looked through Woodrow I see no reference to any oil seals in the gearbox are there any.
The leak of course maybe as simple as an over filled box if my son has filled to the top of the filler hole.

Yours John Mason

RE: Gear box oil leak - Nick Salmon - 20-12-2017

Could also be the drain plug letting oil through John. Is it tight? Has the shaped tin piece (see below in pic of upside down box) been seated properly?

I suggest you park the car and put a clean sheet of newspaper under the gearbox area. You should then get a better idea of where the leak is coming from.

.jpg   gbox.JPG (Size: 13.11 KB / Downloads: 120)

RE: Gear box oil leak - AustinWood - 20-12-2017

I believe there is some confusion about the 4-speed gearbox capacity. Could it be over-filled?