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RE: Rusty Ruby - for "Restoration" - John Mason - 02-12-2020

It looks a tad expensive to me when you think what may have to be spent to bring it back to reasonable condition when compared with the cost of a reasonable runner. I hope I am wrong but the price to me makes it more attractive to being made into someone’s special. But there again if was cheaper it would be even more likely to being broken up.

John Mason.

RE: Rusty Ruby - for "Restoration" - obzolete - 04-12-2020

Hi Guys
Sorry but have been on the road and turned up another Austin 7! More on that later.
Thanks for the comments on the website.
We are based near St Andrews in Scotland.
By the way the car is now SOLD!
New owner will be getting it delivered next week, I'll ask him to join the club etc