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RE: boulogne car body help needed - Henry Harris - 16-11-2020

Are you sure this is an original print?

At some point someone has been manipulating this image and has crudely superimposed the '8' on the side of the car


RE: boulogne car body help needed - Archivist - 16-11-2020

If that is the case, it wouldn't be the first time I have found period photos manipulated like that. I have 2 versions of an Austin published identical photo (of Lou Kings in a 20 at Brooklands) where the car purports to be sporting 2 different numbers...

RE: boulogne car body help needed - Tony Betts - 16-11-2020

hi howard,

ive only just started this venture over the last few days, so not had the chance to look at the source etc.

perhaps i was hoping by some miricle, with the boulogne cars being well known someone would have the info on them.

after missing the very rusty tractor at stroud, as i suggested there are always other bits of fun out there, and all will become apparent.

sure enough another bit of fun has tweeked my interest.

ian, you are on a simular page to myself, i dont want to copy someone elses replica. (as im sure the originals would have been very individual). or even an out and out boulogne car replica. there are already enough of those out there. but in my crazy mind i do want to start from an original boulogne body shape???

so id like to know as much as i can about the floor pan, then overall dimensions, finally somewere near thicknesses of the frame and slats.

nick, you may well be right on adli`s car, i bought alot of spairs from him. a few years ago when he was selling many of the cars off. i dont recall seing the boulogne car there.

thanks tony.

RE: boulogne car body help needed - Greig Smith - 16-11-2020

That seriously looks like those 2 blokes are wearing that car like a wetsuit.....


RE: boulogne car body help needed - Howard Wright - 16-11-2020

I’d like to know what the secret was in keeping those hats on at speed.

I have difficulty keeping a baseball cap on at 30mph in the Brookfields.



RE: boulogne car body help needed - Tony Betts - 16-11-2020

hi greig,

i thought that myself.

and thought it would be even snugger for me.

although the supersports fits me fine.


RE: boulogne car body help needed - austin - 17-11-2020

There are two cracking photos of the Boulogne cars I found in the LAT archive:

[Image: a1362crop.jpg]

[Image: copyNegboulogne3.jpg]

RE: boulogne car body help needed - Tony Betts - 17-11-2020

Thank you for the pictures.

As I suggested this is a new project I'm starting.

So looking back as the old picks bring up many ideas! And questions.

I noticed on the pic of car number 8, it has dampers added. The fronts look like a set of aftermarket dampers, R DUNFORD pictured some time ago on the forum. 

On the second picture there is no longer a throttle pedal bulge on the body?

Also maybe the differences between fitting a car to its driver.


I also notice with the three factory cars.

They look to have larger radiator openings without badges.

The number 10 car, is more standard rad surround with badge.

Is the number 10 car one of the three works cars, or supplied to an independent driver?

Thanks tony.

RE: boulogne car body help needed - Howard Wright - 17-11-2020

Hi Tony

The pedal bulges were only added for the Boulogne race in 1923.  They featured on both sides of the car.

The larger rad opening may well be stone guards fitted again for the 23 race.

The source book has lots of detail and more pics  Smile.



RE: boulogne car body help needed - austin - 17-11-2020

IIRC the top picture I posted is of Arthur Waite at Brooklands, it was the prototype / 1st car and was driven from the works to Brooklands, raced and then driven back apparently.

I guess changes were then made for the Boulogne race.