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Polarity of my special - - 28-10-2020

Many years ago i purchased a Cambridge special which was a non runner. the intention was to have it running in a short period of time. This never happened and many years have rolled by. I am now however determined to get it on the road. ( whilst I am still able to get in and out of it) I have however come across two problems which have got me stumped,they are as follows. As I bought it as a non runner and without a battery I do not know if it is positive or negative earth or indeed has a previous owner changed it from 6 volt to 12 volt. The "big red book" really does help that much as the year of manufacture is 1936 and there were lots of changes about that time also a lot of people made the switch from 6 to 12 volt. 
Is there a sure fire way to answer these questions with the limited information I have been able to offer. Thank you in advance

RE: Polarity of my special - andrew34ruby - 28-10-2020

Regarding polarity, decide which you prefer and set it up that way. All you have to do is connect the battery the way round that you want, then flick a wire from the non-earth side of the battery onto the F (field) connection on the dynamo. The ammeter might read the wrong way around, so swap the wires on it if you want.

6 volt or 12 volt is nearly as easy. fitting of a battery of the voltage you prefer is the main thing. Then somehow preventing too much current flowing through the dynamo field windings.

RE: Polarity of my special - Colin Ayre - 28-10-2020

Assuming it has lights fitted remove a bulb and check the voltage stamped on it. That should give a clue

RE: Polarity of my special - AustinWood - 29-10-2020

The positive and negative battery terminals are different sizes. That will tell you what polarity it was set to. The +ive I think is the larger.