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Precision makes Perfect - Chris Garner - 27-10-2020

For all you insomniacs or night owls, Talking Pictures TV is showing the Austin film- Precision makes Perfect at 2.45 AM on Saturday31st October...or watch it on the Association Archive website instead of say, Strictly Come Dancing!

RE: Precision makes Perfect - John Mason - 27-10-2020

Ate you really serious Chris. A sure way to divorce at my house if my wife misses Strictly Come Dancing.

John Mason

RE: Precision makes Perfect - "Slack Alice" Simon - 27-10-2020

So keep the TV on Strictly, and read a book called "Exact", which I found fascinating after the first few pages.

I don't remember any Austins, but Whitworth is one of the characters in it.

RE: Precision makes Perfect - John Mason - 27-10-2020

JI will probably watch something on U Tube. Double boost is interesting and sometimes very funny.

John Mason.

I have had to edit my original comment as a typing error made it read U Rude. That would have started a whole new thread.