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Half Shaft - Hugh Sammons - 03-03-2020


Having dismantled the rear axle (1934 Ruby type) to find what had caused the loud bang and lack of drive I discovered that the axle had sheared. What I hadn't realised that they were made with the end welded to the main part of the Shaft. The shafts were purchased fairly recently.



RE: Half Shaft - Stuart Giles - 03-03-2020

Blimey -where did you buy that halfshaft from? it was never likely to live long with that tiny penetration of weld; the lack of galling on the spigot points to the outer end not having been shrunk on when the fit up was done. 

If that joint had been made with a proper friction weld it would have been a different matter.

RE: Half Shaft - Steve Jones - 03-03-2020

Long time since I've seen one of those!! 30 years maybe. In my case, it became known as the self repairing half shaft. Bought 'new' from a supplier no longer with us, the joint failed after less than 15 miles. Towed home and then when putting the car back in the garage, drive had fully restored. Half shaft removed and replaced and the car went fine. The removed 'new' half shaft looked like someone had but a shallow 1/8" wide groove at about mid length. It was some months and many looks by lots of folk until the cause was found. Like yours, it had had a new end fitted and as the joint failed and the new end moved out of the old end, the overall length of the shaft had increased and locked the diff restoring drive. Towing home and the friction between the two halves had caused them to weld together. Don't know where you bought your half shaft from but I think I might know the original source. Was it maybe from some old stock bought as a job lot at auction?


RE: Half Shaft - Bob Culver - 03-03-2020

I can understand manufacture with a welded or pressed on gear but surely only a fabrictaed repair using original inner would involve a mid join.
I note most on here use vice jaw clamps. In my observation most garages do not know what these are.

RE: Half Shaft - Ruairidh Dunford - 03-03-2020

Somebody else posted photos of exactly the same type - failed - very recently.

Are these really that common and what is the thinking behind behind it??

For clarity, they were not like this originally Hugh.

RE: Half Shaft - Roland Alcock - 03-03-2020

It was on Facebook on the Austin Seven page by Brian Stenhouse , 5th November 2019


RE: Half Shaft - Ruairidh Dunford - 03-03-2020

Thank you Roly.

RE: Half Shaft - Chris KC - 03-03-2020

There was a similar one posted here if I remember correctly but blowed if I can find it.

RE: Half Shaft - Bob Culver - 03-03-2020

I vaguely recall the one on here was threaded. As above, properly welded probably fine.

RE: Half Shaft - Steve Jones - 04-03-2020

As I said in my post above, I may know where these things have come from and recent sale of parts at auction fits with my theory. 30 years ago when I returned mine the then supplier told me he had had a batch done but would now remove them from sale. It's reasonable that if they were put to one side by him they might, now, have found their way onto the market.