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How much????????? - Mike Costigan - 15-01-2020

I know it is very easy to rack up huge bills if you pay a professional to do the work, but how on earth does someone manage to spend £80,000 on a Hamblin Cadet?

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RE: How much????????? - Erich - 15-01-2020

Mike, I think that first, you have to build a shop to do the work, then outfit the shop with tools. It does look rather nice.

Erich in Seattle

RE: How much????????? - Ruairidh Dunford - 15-01-2020

I do know this car rather well - it is quite unique and the workmanship is exquisite.

It's worth lies with the person who falls in love with it - the story of it's original build is good but another will have to tell it.

RE: How much????????? - Charles P - 15-01-2020

Gold plating the flywheel cover is my guess

RE: How much????????? - MartinH - 15-01-2020

Just to throw some petrol on the fire 80k in say 1992 is over 165k in today's money!! I think somebody was either taken for a fool (money, easly parted from) or there are some porkies in the dealer's story.

RE: How much????????? - Ruairidh Dunford - 15-01-2020

I have just spoken with the owner who has confirmed that the £80k mentioned in the advert is fictitious and not of his doing.

The car build costs were considerable, but not the figure given in the advert, the largest possibly making the bespoke mould (this is not an original Hamblin body but one made specifically for the build). It was made for the wife of an Englishman living in France and is sized specifically for her.

I can put interested parties directly in touch with the owner, if anyone would like to know more.

RE: How much????????? - Duncan Grimmond - 15-01-2020

It's not that difficult to spend that sort of money if everything is bespoke and top-notch as it would appear to be.
The dash panel alone would cost you £500.00 without the clocks, there must be a couple of grand in the upholstery, all that
custom-made ali stuff in the engine compartment would run to a few grand etc.etc....
However 80K is rather a lot and I'm glad to see the real figure would be less.

RE: How much????????? - Austin in the Shed - 15-01-2020

It does look very nicely finished
The PGS ,Pea Green Special reputedly cost £100k I believe.
A lot of money to spend on an Austin Seven.

RE: How much????????? - Tony Press - 15-01-2020

Special at that !

RE: How much????????? - Michael D - 16-01-2020

Methinks it's a pretty lidl car... won't comment on its (asking) price but as it 'would suit a smaller driver' (reputedly having been built to fit that previous owners wife...) it will be harder to sell to present day men.....who are usually not members of the vertically challenged club....