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beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Tony Betts - 12-12-2019

got an email from beaulieu events today.

it was obvious at the events that beaulieu autojumble in dieing a death.

and afterwards stall holders were sent a questioneer asking how they could revive thing (keep flogging the dieing horse).

the result of all this was reveled in the email. they plan to have an everything vintage village. and asking for stall holders selling vintage clothing, kqurky kitchenalia, etc. (otherwise an anqtues fair to fill the ever decreasing autojumble stalls).

also they will be having more club stands.

september they are inviting more RETRO (a con word that actually meens REPRO).

for those of you who attend as either public or trade.

does this excite you. and make you want to pay large sums of money for your entry.

or having less autojumble and more antique at the same or USUALLY a small increase each year enhance your trip to beaulieu.

what do you think?


RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Zetomagneto - 12-12-2019

If I wanted antiques I would go to an antiques fair.
Definitely don't want a mixture, but it might appeal to those who are just going with no real purpose.

RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Stuart Giles - 13-12-2019

Going down the bric a brac/"collectables"/tat sold as 'vintage' is the way the USA shows and swapmeets have been headed for a while now. So I suppose Beaulieu's decision counts as depressing but not surprising.

RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - JonE - 13-12-2019

I'm surprised more people aren't using the facebook marketplace for parts now... i.e. now that ebay and paypal fees have increased.
But like the family-run secondhand tool shops closing down (one excellent one in Yapton disappearing on 21st Dec...) things will have to change. Less human contact; more online searching. Less getting in cars for jolly day trips. More reliance on established delivery services.
Hopefully also more ringing around to people with stashes of parts, maintaining the human contact with people in established groups like the dedicated clubs?

RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Andy Bennett - 13-12-2019

It could bring in the families and if it is truly on a death spiral then what's not to lose on trying to bring in new life to the event?

Andy B

RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Chris KC - 13-12-2019

I shop online when I have to Jon but I'd much rather buy parts I can pick up and look at from friends and enthusiasts in person. eBay is increasingly full of 'incredibly rare collectors items' put up by chancers hoping to make a quick buck (or several) and priced accordingly. Then there's the cost of shipping. Human to human isn't dead yet but it sure is dwindling - specially when it comes to things like finding a reliable machine shop for odd jobs.

As for the tat at autojumbles - well I usually arrive with a shopping list and haven't much patience with stalls that get in the way! If they help fund the event then fair enough, but maybe they could be in a separate area. I guess the supply of decent parts won't last for ever, and perhaps the old car movement will change or even disappear in coming years as rules change and more and more of us pop up to the great highway in the sky...

RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - robert regan - 13-12-2019

I to answered their email asking my opinion on how to improve the the jumble, I gave them my opinions and was quite blunt about it .Whoever is in charge nowadays seems to have no grasp of what the total costs are to a stall holder just to be there, this year it was about £160 for a stall £60 for fuel in my camper my stock is the parts from a variety of cars gathered over the last fifty years, if I ignore the fact that I had to pay for my stock in the first place I make enough money to pay the cost of the stall only.I am sure a good many stallholders are like me but the people who make their living selling parts or services are never going to get rich selling from autojumbles. My reply to Beaulieue enterprises was simply reduce the price of the stalls I know that hell will freeze over before they do that so lets face the reality and I am very sad to say it will die and in the not to distant future merry xmas to all Rob.

RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Charles P - 13-12-2019

It may well die, especially if someone actually sets up the autojumble that it used to be, elsewhere.
Yes, online market places can sell some types of stuff but the "browse around the fields" is a core part. There is a place for a large, national, outdoor autojumble. It's just that the NMM is possibly the wrong venue now and geographically it's a bugger to get to.

Bicester has lots of space, is full of good ideas and led by people with vision.
If a concerned trader or three sent their ideas to Dan Geoghegan, their MD, they may be landing on fertile soil.


RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Tony Betts - 13-12-2019

hi robert,

the email you received, will point out in the first paragraph. that they dont want suggestions to reduce prices. which basically as a PLC points out what sort of company thay are.

i know at least 30 stall holders who pointed out that the junk traders on sunday, made it almost pointless setting up in the main beaulieu on the sunday. and how many stall holders were packing up saterday night and either going home or stalling out sunday for the junk traders. one new tools seller was bragging sales of over £3k in two hours by doing this.

so beaulieus answer to this, in the new email is they are turning back to the junk traders rootes. and only allowing cars boot sellers. NO more large stall spaces.

which means there will still be plenty of stall holders going home on a saterday night. especially in may at the spring event.

my personal opinion and many others was the new thursday trade day. destroyed the friday sales for stall holders.

beaulieu will not stop either thursday, or trunk traders. as it is a drop in revinue.

im in the same possition as many, and wondering if i should pay more money and do the thursday. but not wanting 3 nights in a cold van. ill come home saterday night.

its good to here peoples opinions so far on this one.


RE: beaulieu autojumble genius or stoopidity - Austin Carr - 13-12-2019

(13-12-2019, 06:12 PM)Charles P Wrote: Bicester has lots of space, is full of good ideas and led by people with vision.
If a concerned trader or three sent their ideas to Dan Geoghegan, their MD, they may be landing on fertile soil.


There was an Autojumble (in a hangar) at Bicester's Super Scramble in June this year. I didn't go so I don't anything about the quality or quantity of the traders. The Scrambles are so popular that entry is now with advance ticket only.