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Battery - AlfieM - 10-03-2019

I need some advice on a 6v type 421 battery. I need to change mine currently it's a 58 AH I've noticed Alpha batteries is selling a 77 AH, are there any draw backs in fitting the higher AH?

My current battery bubbles on all cells with caps removed, car a meter showing no higher than 8 amps at engine speed equivalent of 30 mph.   I am thinking this is because I have a 58 AH fitted ???

Any advice from a seasoned Austineer would be much appreciated.

RE: Battery - Chris KC - 10-03-2019

Shield do an 88 A/h type 421 battery. There is no drawback to fitting a higher capacity battery other than cost. If you want these batteries to last, trickle charge them when not in use.

n.b. I'm not sure how you buy these now, they were supplied dry in the past with acid in bottles to fill them yourself. New regs now in force prohibit this.

I think it's pretty normal though for a battery to bubble slightly when charged - that's why they are vented. Is that the only reason to change it?

8A charge is about as much as you'd want on an A7.

RE: Battery - AlfieM - 10-03-2019

Chris , 

It's 6 years old and sometimes but not always after 3-4 weeks it completely flat . I do put a 3 amp.trickle charge on for 3-4 days a month. The SG with hydrometer shows a little less on the middle cell.
Can you suggest a supplier for the shield battery as I work for a Mercedes Truck dealership.

thanks again

RE: Battery - Chris KC - 10-03-2019

There are of course other options - Exide are popular I believe.

n.b. I don't see the 88Ah in their search, though Shield still list it in their catalogue - might have to ask them. Of course a 58Ah is perfectly adequate for most purposes, I like to have the extra capacity just in case the dynamo conks out, or if a long run at night is contemplated.

RE: Battery - Bob Culver - 10-03-2019

If the charger maintains 3 amps then 3 days would be a gross overcharge, even if battery completely flat (180 ah!). If you do only day running and maintain 8amps Winter rate in the car, battery would be generoulsy charged even with modest use. 
If the battery is traditonal open type non calcium the old rules available in many books aply. By monitoring SG and/or volts during charge, observing gassing, battery can be efficently maintained but it is all a lot of bother, with the risk of overlooking.
Running with modest charge in the car, supplanted by continuous bench charge using one of the smart chargers the subject of recent post, would seem the ideal.
The problem is that many cars now run lamps much higher wattage than the 18w each originally and extensive night use is problematic. With care at traffic stops, the original was fine, more so with an 80 ah battery. (If stranded far from home, disconnect one lamp!)

Deep cycling, esp to flat, is very damaging.

RE: Battery - DaveT - 11-03-2019

I think the problem now is not what Ah the battery should be but where to buy the Sulphuric Acid to fill the battery as it's now against the law to sell and post a battery with a separate container with the acid. So most if not all batteries being posted are now sent empty which is no Bl***y good at all. Fine if you live in an area where you can collect from the store but no use if you live out in the sticks.

Has anyone got around this issue?

From the Frozen North 600 feet up with snow.


RE: Battery - Ian M - 11-03-2019

The Exide EU80-6, as supplied by Tayna, is a popular choice amongst forum members. I bought one myself a few weeks ago. It is shipped with sturdy packaging and the holes in the top are temporarily sealed for transit.

RE: Battery - DaveT - 11-03-2019

(11-03-2019, 11:48 AM)Ian M Wrote: The Exide EU80-6, as supplied by Tayna, is a popular choice amongst forum members. I bought one myself a few weeks ago. It is shipped with sturdy packaging and the holes in the top are temporarily sealed for transit.

So there is a way around the issue I wonder why so many companies insist on supplying the battery dry? That's also a very competitive price so I think I'll get one. 
Ian thanks for the link  Wink


RE: Battery - Chris KC - 11-03-2019

I suppose one way around that is to order through your local battery dealer who will fill it for you,.

RE: Battery - Hedd_Jones - 11-03-2019

I had a Tayna delivered last week, it had been turned upside down and despite the plugs and bag, a small amount of electorlyte was lost, as I suspect there will be some of the carpet at my present employers premises!