Full Version: 6" Wheel Centres wanted Please
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Hi, I'm looking for a set of 6 " wheel centres for my 1925 project. I have everything else and would really like to get on with it. I do have parts to swap if you don't like money? Thanks, Simon
Simon I presume that the wheel centres that you are looking for are the scripted "Austiin", 6" drum type. I have a pair which are currently still laced into their 1926 wheels. I could de-lace them if you don't want the rims which would make it cheaper to post. If you would like them I'm looking for £40 +p&p. They will require refurbishment but you'd probably expect that. Hope this helps in your project . Peter.
Hi Peter, Thanks for your response. The 6" wheel centre is open in the middle, the scripted wheels would have been the first of the 7" diameter brakes. All the best, Simon