Full Version: Steering drag link ball pins size.
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Can anyone please tell me the size of the new ball ends of the ball pins for the drag link (steering side tube)?  Measured by micrometer.  Am overhauling steering and interested to see just how much the ball ends have worn if any.  
Also what is length of the springs that fit in the thrust blocks.

Enthusiasts of precision engineered pattern parts look away now.... I've just measured several new drag link ball ends which I have in stock. The smallest measures .547" the largest .565" The other two measure .554" and .556" The new springs that I have are more consistent and measure .7" give or take a thou' or so.
Thanks Stuart.
Mine measuring at right angles and diagonally between the first 2 top to bottom.
0.5470, 0.5438, 0.5460, 0.5570. So around 3.2 thou between fore and aft and side to side faces.
0.5520, 0.5500, 0.5520, 0.5505. so that is around 2 thou between fore and aft and side to side.
So looks like they are ok for further use.

Springs 0.579 and 0.632.......thus new springs required.

They do have grease nipples each end and used Moly but next will be using the AFMT dosed grease.
One fixed thrust block actually had a hole in it at the bottom where ball of pin had worn through so have decided all new Draglink Kit = 2 ball pins, 2 fixed thrust blocks, 2 loose thrust blocks. , 2 springs and 2 slotted nuts.
From The Seven Workshop.
Ball diameter o.557 inch,  spring length 0.7 inch
Thrust blocks diameter  0.628 inch - length 0.8115 inch.
Hi Dennis
when i replaced mine it wasn't so much as general even wear of the roundness (if you know what I mean), rather the ball had gone oval with an undercut at the base. So measuring diameter at one point might suggest no wear, but at another ovality will be revealed but it was the undercut that was scary. Needless to say I replaced mine too. Lots of info in history where people have added lubrication and ease of assembly mods.
Yep that too but only small amount of cutting wear from edges of tube.. See Bristol A7 club for good article on this.