Full Version: Dynamo rewinding
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Can anybody recommend a reliable source for rewinding dynamo & starter motor armatures.
Any leads much appreciated. Happy motoring Jim
magnetoguys mentioned Robson and Francis. Haven't used them...
I have an invoice from Armoto dated 17/03/2020 for £156 including VAT

A pair of new bearings was an extra £20.
Try Dynamoregulator conversions, Saxilby Lincoln
I have used R&F. Very good with prices to match. Expect a long wait; they had a huge backlog. I'd use them again for something rare or complex. For standard Lucas there is much more choice.
I have used  and are very pleased with them.
Another vote for Armoto.

I've used Armoto a few times. What's happened to the starter I've not come across one needing rewinding?
That is an interesting question. This morning I was at Hereford Auto Electrics. He mentioned that the only time he’s encountered a starter that actually needed a full rewinding was when someone bought one in, saying that to clean it up before repair they’d had it sandblasted. It needed a very great deal of repair indeed!
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