Full Version: Login problems
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Dear forum fellows,

finally, with the incredible help from one of our forum member, in name Steve Thomson, we could locate the problem and fix it!

You should be able to log off and in on the forum again as usual, if not, try to reload the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard.
If you are still encountering problems due to multiple password resets, please contact us via email.

Again, we are really sorry about the inconvenience you encountered over the last weeks and say thanks again for all the help, especially to Steve, who did an outstanding job!

Kind regards
Working perfectly for me - well done!

Thanks ... and while we’re at it, who by the way is The Management?
Can’t believe it, at last I’ve logged in, thank you.
It’s good to be back! Thanks to everyone behind the scenes for sorting it out.

The quote button now works ok. However I cannot Log out and some photo attachments are still dead. See here for example....
Thanks Henry - a fresh copy-over will be repeated and that should sort the issue.
Bingo!  log in achieved on Apple Catalina 10.15.7 and minimac with Big Sur 11.2.3
A big thank you to those who gave their time to sort it out.

is it just me, But I don't see any Hints and Tips - just a blank watermarked page and a tab "Return to top"
Yes same here. Coloured box advert for hints and tips, click on the button for tips and just get a blank page.
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