Full Version: Login problems
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Avatars and gallery are back, if you find anythind else missing (besides the login problem...  Angry ), please reply to this thread.

Kind regrads
Hints & Tips just comes up with a blank page. At the bottom it says "return to top of page". Its the same if I go in by WEB site HOME

MacBook Air
Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3
Hints & Tips back online...

Kind regards
Photo attachments more than a few days old seem to be missing.
Right you are, copying the missing files presently, will take some hours downloading and uploading, but they're on their way.

With all these troubles, good thing is, now we know, that the build in backup function of the board software is just backing up the essentials (users, passwords, profiles, posts(text)), not everything.
So we need a full system backup once in a while done in the background to be on the save side.

Kind regards
Pictures should be all back now...

Kind regards
Thank you for what must have been a truly long and arduous job !
Sorry to report, but Hints and Tips not back on-line for me, logged out and back in, still no tips, but thanks for your hard work so far. Bob

MacBookAir Dual Core (Early 2014)
MacOS Big Sur V 11.2.3

Orange Internet service / router

Mostly OK BUT can't access the Hints and Tips page - just comes up blank (waited for 40 seconds)

Bob Humphrey France
I've just tried to log off and can't.
You, and every other user (including me), won't be able to until the faulty code is found and removed.

It's annoying but it is where we find ourselves, unless anyone can offer specific advice on how to fix it.
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