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I recently bought a 1929 a7 tourer, I was wondering what badge should go in the radiator/grill?
A plain script "Austin", like this:

In Australia plated brass, later Aluminium
I saw was this one too and didn't know which one it could be because all the pictures showed different things.[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
Isn't that one from an early Austin Mini boot lid?
That's a Ruby badge surely?
That is a Ruby period script. The Mini Script isn’t as flamboyant, the script is circa 4mm wide throughout
The script badge posted by Rick F is the correct type but a little misleading, as it does not show the countersunk holes at each end for the fixing screws and gives the appearance of a black finish whereas it is actually plain aluminium.

This is assuming the car is a 1929 model as stated - earlier cars may not have had a script badge at all, just the Austin winged badge on the cowl.

And just an afterthought - a look through the picture gallery will show plenty of correct examples.
Correct script available from Austin Reproduction Parts
TEL 01202 625242

As Vancevr is based in California, USA he may wish to email Austin Repro i.e. Austin Reproduction Parts Ltd rather than phone them. Link to Austin Repro contact details and catalogue below:

Catalogue and price list - see under 'CHUMMY PARTS' - 'Radiator badge Austin script' and 'Screws for radiator badge'

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