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Could someone kindly confirm which model(s) this might have been fitted to?


I think it's late Chummy up to RN (3 speed) Is that right?

[attachment=13116] It's not off an RN which uses a PA speedo.
Hi Hugh,

As long as I  know, Chummies up to 1929 had a Speedo bezel with four nuts and a  90º drive outlet. Speedo model PA.
The one shown  is a PN and may be have a 45º drive outlet.


Later (November '27 on) Chummies and saloons also use a PA.

I think the photo shows an early Austin 10 speedometer.
If I remember correctly, my 1934 Austin 10 was fitted with a PN speedo.
Ah, so not 7 then...

Thanks all...
Would the boat tail 2 seater tourer of 29/30 have that speedo, considering that there was an arc shaped cutout in the dashboard to clear the gearlever/ handbrake? So rather than the cable coming down vertically to the speedo take off on the gearbox, the cable was offset. I may be entirely wrong!

If you are thinking of using it in a Seven the gearing may be wrong.  They are not easy to recalibrate unless you use a gearbox on the drive cable.


Actually, seem like this is a topic that was briefly touched on before. A PN is rated at 2240 TPM, it would seem and the Austin 10 connection was mentioned then...

should have searched first. Sorry...