Full Version: Fancy Special on PreWar Car
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It's not, of course, in the style of H J Mulliner, but more in the style of Mulliners of Birmingham - a totally different company! This has been trying to find a home for nearly five years now, with the price steadily increasing with each new dealer; it failed to sell at an H&H auction in 2016 with a reserve of £9,500.
Certainly that price is fancy.

Seems strange that the builder didn't allow for a lot more wheel movement when fitting those rear wings. It looks like running over the first bump in the road would cause the rear tyres to come into contact.
Nothing is ever 'cheap' from this dealer. Not their usual fayre. I love the text though. Just could not resist getting Mulliner and Bentley in. Nothing like adding value by association!
I'm sure someone posted on FB or somewhere that they had bought this a few months back. Perhaps they quickly found the mudguards rubbed...
It is one of those cars where one is never quite sure whether to retain a 60's plate and V5 from the chassis without too much hassle, or go through an age-related process to get a proper post-vintage one.
Aside from the annoying things that look wrong on a car that has clearly taken a lot of effort I'm confused by the description of the car as "1938".
Yes, the chassis number may be made up but it looks like a 1930 chassis to me. Pretty sure they didn't make a wide track screw-in torque tube axle, did they. However I'm no expert on the minutiae of difference between chassis, so it may be chopped.

Perhaps the '8' is a misprint, the new chassis plate would appear to imply the car started life as an RL saloon.
The moment I have finished following the wise words of the forum, I shall rush to the workshop and start on a mobile phone pocket for the Chummy door. Perhaps the rear mudguards are specially low due to the machine's first appearance in a photoshoot illustrated elsewhere, the vehicle/ prop not being a three wheeler but having miniscule rear mudguards. In fact if the snap was in a Hollywood studio, they would have been tiny fenders.
Bound to be expensive - how else would the vendor keep himself in fedora hats?
(27-12-2020, 09:19 AM)Mike Costigan Wrote: [ -> ]It's not, of course, in the style of H J Mulliner, but more in the style of Mulliners of Birmingham - a totally different company! 
As the blurb states if i read it correctly Big Grin
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