Full Version: Ruby Mk1/Mk2 Front Wheel Arch Differences
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Are Mk1 and Mk2 Ruby front wheel arches different? My front arches seem to have a slightly different form from one side of the car to the other. The RH arch is different to the LH in the following respects:-

- headlamp sits ~1" lower
- wheel looks a bit more tucked inside the arch is side profile
- arch is a bit 'flatter' across the front in plan view
- in front view the front lip is closer to the ground (~1") so you see less of the tyre

The attached picture just about shows what I mean - you can see the rusty horizontal part of the RHS is slightly closer to the bumper than the LHS. It's subtle, but it's definitely different.....


Above and beyond the side profile differences at the join with the running board, Ruby wings can differ quite a lot in my experience, they have probably been replaced with “others” at some point in the past.
Probably a bent wing stay. The offside headlamp looks as though it isn't truly upright, which may well add to the lopsided impression.
It may be that the LH wing is high and the RH wing is low - if I rotate the curved panel below the grille (it must have proper name?!)  round a bit maybe that will allow the wings to look more level.

Could also be a bent wing stay - even with the headlamp wiggled into the righ place it's still not as high as the LH lamp The RH wing has clearly had a hard life as there's a lot of 60/70s filler all over it. Maybe a RHF accident at some point bent it all and it's been pulled back into shape and filled. 

....or perhaps the front end wonkiness is part of Burt's charm!

(btw that's a photo from the day we extracted him from 29years of hibernation)
Mine has had the same problem since I bought it in 1974 and in spite of two rebuilds over the years I've never got round to finding a correct replacement for whichever one is wrong... the headlights are different heights, the side profile is different, with a bigger valance on one than the other, and the profile of the front edge is lower. It would appear that 'Burt' and mine have their incorrect wings on opposite sides.
Mine is due for an engine replacement in the next few weeks and I'm planning on removing the driver;'s side wind to repair a dent caused by a coming-together with a tractor in the lanes some months ago. Maybe its time to restore some balance and I too would be interested to know which is the correct one!
I would suggest that the driver’s one is correct Alastair.

I corrected a similar problem recently by making a circular shaped wedge under the lower light...


The wings look quite different from the side, with the later Mk 2 New Ruby having more of a skirt - as shown in the pictures below.

Good morning. I'm a little confused by the replies to this thread. The green ARQ Ruby in the photo would appear to have a Mkll o/s wing. The Mk1 Rubies have 'squarer' wheel arches whereas the Mkll has more 'rounded' or 'streamlined' front and rear wings.

A little while ago I was asked to advise on the sale sale of an ARQ Ruby which I spotted had Mkl wings on the n/s and Mkll on the o/s. Even the headlamps were wrong - n/s LB130, o/s L131's. Much can be changed in 80 years.

Regards from the creative county - Staffordshire

People fit what is available and in good condition at the time, our Pearl had Mk2 on one side and Mk1 on the other for the best part of 40 years - it’s a wonder we slept at all. Wink
I have a Mk1 Ruby and both wings are the same (Headlamps at the same height etc). However the valance (the piece under the rad between the wings) at some time in the past has been cut and welded to make it slightly smaller. When assembling I have to pull it up to the wings with longer bolts but it look ok when done. This thread now makes me think I may have the wrong wings.

John Mason.
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