Full Version: Jul 18th 1930 Motor - anyone got a copy?
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(06-10-2018, 03:28 AM)squeak Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-10-2018, 05:56 PM)Howard Wright Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Jon

I think I got my retrim just about right (tongue in cheek about the colour)


Howard a little trick I learned when faced with wriggly piping was to expose the cord filling at the seam ENDS just enough to grab it with a pair of pliers, and tug. The piping should immediately straighten, if not completely try the other end. A loose weave such as you have can make it easier to poke the piping cord through the weave near the ends (if you have no access to the actual end),
then grab and pull . Works best if you have plastic cord filling because soft filling tends to get punched through by the needle and locked in place.      Hope there's some help there, cheers  Russell

Thanks Russell.  Good tip.  I've used larger piping in the door draft excluders and they are a bit wriggly so this tip may help. Just for info, Jon, the material was described as a "Bubble cord" and no I don't live on the King's Road...... but Llandrindod Wells can be a bit racy at times  Smile.

Still looking for the title Motor article, but can anyone work out the cover page car on this listing? Plate almost visible, but is that a two seat tourer? Good article on RL just about readable too!
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The cover pic could be a factory boat-tail, but I think the windscreen is too shallow, so probably a coachbuilt of some sort.
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