Full Version: VSCC Prescott hill climb - long course 29-09-2018
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Date: 29-09-2018

VSCC Prescott hill climb - long course

UIt’s nearly time for the VSCCs second visit to Prescott for 2018 - this time in a 1 day format using the long course. I won’t be out in the cup model as something horrible happened to the distributor on the way to Prescott in August, but should be a good event nonetheless. 


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Perfect weather forecast, so let's all whizz to Prescott and ensure an adequate display of Boxes and Rubys in the Orchard or perhaps a special porridge park. Then we can loudly cheer the many other Sevens as they scream, or perhaps sometimes splutter, up the hill.

It seems possible that Prescott can provide an indication of the Seven's status and acheivements, why historically it is so important. This year I will have gone in a Ruby to watch Sevens hillclimbing, on Ian Grace's Cotswold I have departed as a competitor in the highly sucessful Seven Team, and for the last sections of the Cotswold trial will marshall, watching numbers of Sevens in original or trials condition getting sucessfully covered in mud.

And if you're coming to spectate at Prescott and haven't entered the Welsh Scatter Rally yet, track down Andrew Tarring and get an entry form, the Clubman's class calls all cars!