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RP door hinge fastening.
When refitting the hinges to an RP door, the hinge sits part on the door skin and part on the timber reinforcing. Should there be a thin packing piece on top of the timber part so the hinge sits level with the door skin or is it mounted at an angle? Level or angled will alter the distance the door sits off the A pillar. Anyone help?

Reason I'm asking is that I have to do a quick re-furb on the timber as most of the screw holes are stripped. (drill & fill with glued dowel)

Reckless, I have often wondered if these would be good for repairing stripped threads in wood.
Will try some on my A12 Windsor later in the year.

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Best Wishes Gene
The only problem with the timber on an RP door is the amount of wood that there is to screw into. Taking advice from our resident timber expert I drilled the existing holes to 6mm (being careful not to go too deep because the window channels are quite close for the top two hinges) and then glued in place a short length of 6mm dowel using wood glue.

[Image: 20180312_155832.jpg]k and after redrilling a fine pilot holed (1,5mm) I used some torx head wood screws: (don't tell the rivet police)

[Image: 20180313_124157.jpg]
I like the seller's name on the eBay link
Hi RR, ref the door hinge fitting and the door skin. I have checked on my 1932 RP and the skin is wrapped right around the timber frame and attached on the inside by the small tabs which are part of the skin (if that makes sense)
Where the hinges are positioned, the door skin flange is cut away at that point, leaving the original radius on the skin which avoids a sharp edge. This is a very small return, around 3m/m and does not affect the seating of the hinge.
Hope this helps.
(13-03-2018, 06:48 PM)Nigel was in Brittany Wrote: I like the seller's name on the eBay link

Bet they deliver quickly.  Smile

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