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Trailer for sale
How far south?
I will be going to Northampton to collect my new trailer, where are you?email:
Duncan, did the trailer sell?
It's promised but not sold yet, I need to make time to head south. I'll put your name down for third refusal
Now sold
Now its sold I can ask my question. What did you replace it with and what else did you look at?
I bought a trailer from an eBay seller am marc in Corby
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I would recommend this as being well made and up to the job. Ideal for something with a 2.5m wheelbase and the bascule mechanism is gas-ram assisted making it easy to operate. One disadvantage is the 14" wheels/tyres which made it sit sloping down to the drawbar, just off level, a little irritating.
Unfortunately I had to return it as the third of my cars, a three-wheel Pembleton was 3" too long for the bed. I was really upset by this as I had to drive all the way back to Corby to return it but there was no problem with the refund. Sound chap running a business importing from Poland and Italy.
He is trying to get another one for me which is 300mm longer in the bed which would be ideal.
I also looked at Ifor Williams CT 115 which is more expensive but also a good trailer. the disadvantage with it is the position of the axle, very much rear of the balance point which means putting a front engine car right at the rear end of a long trailer to get the balance point in the right place and avoid downward pressure on the towing hitch. All their publicity pics show cars at the rear end with spare tyres at the forward end. I've written to them asking it is possible to move the axle forward and am awaiting a reply. Hope this helps...
It certainly looks a great bit of kit for the money and aways good to hear a trader recommendation. I might treat myself to fresh straps from him.

Sorry to hear of the back and forth... I once had a trailer made for me and didn't find out he'd modified one that a previous customer had thrown back until it wouldn't fit through the door. I was rather stuck as it was the year I'd just finished building my special and had events to go to so was a bit stuck. Got a lot of the money back through small claims and wasn't sorry when a friend who borrowed it lost it to bailiffs.

My trailer now is more historic than the car. It was built by John Sutton the month I was born: it came to me with a file of blueprints and supplier details and carried some VERY nice sevens in its time. If I went to a show the trailer would need its own board with photos Wink
If you're near Corby it would be worth having a look at his place. He seems to carry a fair range of trailer accessories and one of his other trailers might do for a Seven.
Theo old trailer was a bit heavy but had obviously seen much work, I think it was converted from a mower trailer, a serviceable piece of kit.

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