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If you have a few hundred grand to spare
This came up on the ATF forum, not Austin related but there is some exquisite bodywork on show

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Love love love the 1912 panhard.
The 1932 Delage with Chapron body is interesting; a spitting image copy of William Lyons' SS1 -I wonder who copied whom?
Some of the guide prices are mental!
Debs is expressing concern for my wellbeing. All she can hear is groaning sounds and me whimpering 'Oh my goodness I need that!'
A Kettenkrad, splendid, always wanted one of those plus a Messerschmitt 262 to be towed by it!

BMW 328, double splendid!

Alpine Renaults, Citroen Tractions...even more splendid!

Retromobile is well worth a visit, and then there’s the Auctions that are on at the same time.

I was there a couple of years ago as a Retirement treat.

No Austin 7’s but a nice Dixi Saloon was spotted.

The Autojumble is to die for!

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
With prices listed in excess of €3m how much for the one where the reserve is available on request?

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